Winter Weather is Coming

January 31, 20220

It is looking like we are going to get some form of winter weather later this week! With the drop in temperatures, it is important that you check the systems in your home to prevent damage and keep you warm during this weather.

🥶 Check your HVAC filter and thermostat batteries!
🥶 Remove hoses from exterior faucets!
🥶 Cover exterior faucets with a faucet cover! If you can’t find a faucet cover, wrap a towel around the faucet and cover with a plastic bag. Secure with tape.
🥶 On cold nights, keep cabinet doors open so the heat can reach the pipes!
🥶 When temperatures are below 20 degrees, drip faucets located on outside walls!
🥶 Locate your house water shut off valve so you can turn it off quickly in a water emergency!
And always remember, if you have a water emergency, give us a call at 501-563-3333!

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